Share your time and talents with a teen

isabella and raePLC volunteers greatly benefit our members and staff, helping us realize our commitment to community-based education. We are always looking for volunteers who would be able to serve the following roles:

  • tutors
  • class leaders
  • workshop leaders
  • internship, volunteer and work providers

If you are interested in helping us in one of these ways, please be in touch with us at info@princetonlearningcooperative.org or (609) 851-2522. For more information on volunteering, including our application form, download the Volunteer Information Packet.

We are currently looking for volunteers to work with our teen members for the upcoming academic year. We are interested in any volunteer who has a passion to work with teens, but are specifically looking for volunteers in these areas:

Writing, Film Analysis, Math, MatLab (math/physics combined), Nature, Marine Biology, Animal Behavior, Ecology, Entomology, Paleontology

Social Issues, Geography, World History, Ancient History, Archaeology, Philosophy

American Sign Language, German, Mandarin

Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Digital Recording and Mixing, Music Production, Website Coding (html/css), Programming in C#, Film-making, Video-editing, Maker/DIY Projects, Unity Game Engine

Art, Guitar, Drumming, Ukulele, Interior Design, Digital Design, Digital Art, Metalsmithing, Musical Theater

Cooking, Clothesmaking, Cosmetology, Auto Mechanics, Woodworking, Skateboarding, Handwriting, Entrepreneurship, Music Business, Marketing

Help us spread the word about PLC in the community

There are many families in the area that would significantly benefit from PLC’s approach to learning. If you know a teenager who is looking for a positive alternative to school, please tell them about us.

Join one of our board committees

Our board of trustees works to ensure PLC’s financial health, educational vitality and good standing in the community. We are always looking for interested community members to volunteer on our official board of trustees or to join one of our committees.